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Veranstaltungstermine mit Jaguar, Ausfahrten-Treffen MIT DATUM  >>  2.7.20 France and Spain Sept 2020 Tours - read Info (in engl.)
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BeitragVerfasst am: Mo 13 Jan, 2020 17:35    Titel: 2.7.20 France and Spain Sept 2020 Tours - read Info (in engl.)
Vom Mi 01 Jul, 2020 22:00 bis So 12 Jul, 2020 21:59

France & San Fermín Tour For Jaguar XK & E-Type
July, 2nd – 11th, 2020*
A Great tour through France visiting the Loire valley and the Perigord and then across the Pyrenean mountain passes to Pamplona, where participants will experience the world famous San Fermines, a colorful festival packed with activities including the Running of the Bulls, which will be seen from exclusive balconies in the very best locations.

The Running of the Bulls is just one part of the San Fermines, a colorful Festival in the ancient streets of Pamplona, which also includes parades, music, typical dresses, processions, gastronomy and much more. Travelers will enjoy a full San Fermin experience with a guided tour of Pamplona during this world famous fiesta


Secrets of Spain Tour For Jaguar XK & E-Type
September, 24th – October, 5th, 2020*

Many of you may have travelled to Spain previously, but trust us when we say that the places you will visit and the roads you will drive on during this tour are unlikely to be travelled by any regular tourist. Classics on the Road, based in Spain, have a unique and extensive knowledge of the country. Secrets of Spain will be an exclusive tour which will give you a unique experience. It is packed with activities and visits so that you and your partner can enjoy Spain as well as the driving. Spain has a huge diversity of landscapes, heritage and nature driving from one place to another.
On this 12 day - 11 night tour in Spain, the routes will be across the communities of Cantabria, Castilla-León, Madrid, north of Andalusia and Extremadura, driving in some of the most beautiful back roads in Spain. The daily itineraries, with an average daily mileage of 100 miles, are designed to make the tour attractive from a landscape and cultural perspective, as well of course, gastronomically! The route will minimise packing and unpacking as there are two consecutive nights in the hotel in Andalusia and two consecutive nights in the beautiful Gredos Mountains.
What does this tour include? Spectacular royal palaces and monasteries, an incredible ecological foie farm, unique in the world, a place that looks like Mars, a delicious Iberian Ham experience, a city which was the biggest colony in the Roman Empire, the beautiful Monfragüe National Park and uncrowded roads through amazing scenery! Download here full brochure and booking form or register your interest at info@classicsontheroad.com or calling Stewart Cusden +(34) 619 722 185.
*subject to publication of Brittany Ferries schedule for 2020.
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