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XK120 - XK150, 1948-1960  >>  XK150 - Veränderungen während der Bauzeit nach FG nummern
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BeitragVerfasst am: Fr 24 Jun, 2016 13:32    Titel: XK150 - Veränderungen während der Bauzeit nach FG nummern  

Jaguar XK 150 Jaguar XK 150 OTS, FHC & DHC modification
Jaguar XK 150 OTS Jaguar XK 150 DHC & Jaguar XK 150 FHC

The Jaguar XK 150 was built from 1957 to 1961. At the running production Jaguar takes some modifications by the diffrent models (Jaguar XK 150 OTS (Roadster), Jaguar XK 150 FHC (Coupe), Jaguar XK 150 DHC (Cabriolet)).
stands for model did not exist or would be involved
February 1958
Brake master cylinder is now manufactured in cast iron, the aluminum

June 1958
Spoke wheels are produced with 60 spokes
Chassis & Body number
September 1957
From chassis number:
824046/834491 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
* / 837 030 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Automatic version with ” sprag ” provided (Prevention of rolling back )

From chassis number:
824023/834454 (Jaguar XK 150 Coupe)
* / 837 014 (Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet)

Brake piston rear calipers changed from 1 3/ 8 inch ( 44.4 mm ) to 1 5/8 inch ( 41.3 mm)
From chassis number:
824076/834600 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827001/837071 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

The steering column was changed at the upper part

November 1957
From chassis number:
824096/834658 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827001/837090 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Fuses replaced (No. 1, 2, 5 and 6) before 35 amps now 50

May 1958
From chassis number:
824253/835301 (Jaguar XK 150 Coupe)
827011/837332 (Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet)

The door armrests are introduced with penetration

June 1958
From chassis number:
824414/835548 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827069/837415 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

The turn signal switch is now on the steering column previously dashboard

July 1958
From chassis number:
* / 830 439 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824420/835566 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827072/837434 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

The heater blower motor gets to find a control switch next to the tachometer in the instrument panel.

From chassis number:
820001/830960 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824551/835671 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827168/837573 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Mounted new rear leaf springs

January 1959
From chassis number:
820004/831712 (Jaguar XK 150 Roadster)
824669/835882 (Jaguar XK 150 Coupe)
827236/837831 (Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet)

New disc brake calipers introduced with square quick-change brake pads

From chassis number:
820004/831698 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824668/835882 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827235/837831 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

improved ball joints fitted with a larger ball bearing and greater angle of movement

April 1959
From chassis number:
820001/831250 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
827209/837662 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

New bumper fitted (rear bumper horns are closer together)

June 1959
From chassis number:
820001/830560 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824453/835589 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827094/837468 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Fuel tank is built with larger vent and filler neck overflow pan is changed

From chassis number:
820001/830001 (Roadster)
824677/835893 (Coupe)
827240/837846 (Cabriolet)

Mounted spring -loaded luggage compartment hinges

From chassis number :
820014/831825 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824702/835905 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827258/837865 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

On the transmission tunnel is the ashtray mounted earlier in the door

From chassis number :
820001/832071 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
827340/838231 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)
824900/836219 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC) *

new interior mirror installed (C.14920). Changed * windshield top

From chassis number :
* / 832 088 (Jaguar XK 150 Roadster )
824900/836184 (Jaguar XK 150 Coupe)
827273/838259 (Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet)

Alternator with 25 amps mounted it with the appropriate regulator

From chassis number :
820038/832674 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824863/836187 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827349/838238 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Trunk is held by springs above. Cover plate modified in the spring storage

From chassis number :
820039/832076 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824864/836187 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827355/838246 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

The three filter air filter of the “S” versions are replaced by a single

From chassis number :
820043/832089 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824903/836227 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827379/838273 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

For the clutch slave cylinder a reinforced bracket integrate.

From chassis number :
820043/832089 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824903/836227 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827373/838272 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC sporadically before)

The mechanical tachometer is replaced by an electric.

From chassis number :
824 964 (Coupe “S” version)

In the Geaspedal suspension, a reinforced bearing is introduced.

Improved oil seals on the rear scars

July 1959
From chassis number:
820017/831899 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
824742/835935 (Jaguar XK 150 Coupe)
827272/837941 (Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet)

Incorporated Reservac tank for the negative pressure reservoir of the braking force amplifier,

January 1960
From chassis number:
820066/832113 (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
852125/836635 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827505/838590 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Fitted New brake master cylinder

March 1960
From chassis number:
* / 836 724 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827 510 / * (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Modification facilitates the hand brake (new connector)

April 1960
From chassis number:
820 071 / * (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
825179/836744 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827540/838754 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Warning light for the handbrake and low brake fluid level in the dashboard mounted.

The brake fluid reservoir is built of new material (polyethylene)

Hand brake pads pad grade de M. 34 is inserted.

The exhaust pipe is not welded to the muffler but fixed with a clamp.

May 1960
From chassis number:
820 071 / * (Jaguar XK 150 OTS)
825179/836744 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
827540/838754 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

Installation of the brake pads Ferodo Mintex M.33 previously DS.5

November 1960
From chassis number:
832 138 ( Roadster )
836 855 (Jaguar XK 150 FHC)
838 904 (Jaguar XK 150 DHC)

USA left-hand drive

The new American highway code introduction of new headlights
ENGINE & Gearbox number

July 1957
From engine number V.1191
Hydraulic cam chain tensioner to the oil feed hole in the block with Conical filter element (C 13457) provided.

Renaming of Champion spark plugs. (L10.S) 7:1 compression in L.7 , N.8.B 8:1 compression in No.8

September 1957
From engine number V.1599
Built smaller alternator pulley. A shorter drive belt is needed now .

From engine number V.1631
Rear engine cover and gasket changed. The allen screws are now inserted from above.

From engine number V.1281 (sometimes even before)
Mounted Longer intake valve guides

November 1957

From engine number V.2011
Changed oil filter bypass valve

From engine number V.1921
The five gates to accommodate the timing cover dowel pins for use five equal length pins improved. Previously, a shorter in and four longer were used.

From engine number V.2029
Timing chain damper stop before now made of nylon rubber vibration element

January 1959
From engine number V.5733/VS.1523
New V-belt accordingly with a width of 12.5 mm, the pulleys have also been changed

June 1959
From engine number V.6709
Crankshaft bearing of lead indium introduced.

From engine number V.6861
The spacer plate between the block and the oil filter is not necessary. Shorter oil filter screws are used

January 1960
From engine number V.7460 / VA. 1399 / VS. 2183 / VAS. 1085

New oil pan gasket and a new crankshaft rear blade / rubber seal introduced.

March 1960
From engine number V.7464/ V.S2188
Cogged V-belts mounted fan

For XK 150 “S” (3.8 liters) cylinder head without squeezing edge (requires special pistons)

April 1960
From engine number V.7496 / VA.1708 / VS.2197 / VAS.1160
Washers to secure the two screws holding the timing chain between the damper mounted.

From engine number V.7524 / VS.2195
modified piston head with new 9:1 compressed piston

150 3.8 liter In Overdrive Transmission of XK – mounted for faster loading of overdrive weaker clutch springs
Provided torque converter of the automatic versions with new filler/ drain plug and sealing rings

June 1960
From engine number VA.1882 / VAS.1225
To the abrasion of chips to bind mounting a magnetic ring in the overdrive gear.

November 1960
From engine number V.76 12 / VA.2004 / VS.2207 / VAS.1268
Tachometer drive modified for noise reduction

From engine number V.7640 / VA. 2054 / VAS.1284
Introduced new bearing material

From engine number VA.2053 / VAS.1285
Added sprue to securing a Bray- Kühlerwasservorwärmung right on the engine block

February 1961
From engine number V.7656 / VA.2202 / VA.2212 / VAS.1293
Timing cover will be fitted with die-cast

From engine number V.7656 / VA.2204 / VS.2212 / VAS.1293
New Pleuellagen – mounted bushings

From engine number VA.2251
Control housing lower part is fixed with a new bolt with a longer thread.

From engine number VA.2260
Guide tube scheduled for dipstick

Automatic transmission

November 1957
From automatic No. JBX 1001
Production in England (labeled: Letchworth, Herts, England) previously in the U.S. (caption: Detroit, Mich., USA)

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